Özge Cevher Yüksel – For The Power of Letting Go…

Guest: Özge Cevher Yüksel
Title of The Work: For The Power of Letting Go…
Original Title: Bırakabilmenin Gücü Adına…
Genre: Prose Writing

What are you holding on to?

To what?

To whom?

What makes you shine?

A good person, helpful, open-hearted.

Or the forms that take your light?

“He’s never on time anyway. He’s lazy. He never keeps his word!”


Which one is you?

What makes you free?




“What’s the hardest thing to do in this world?”

“To be a person who can live freely,” I would say. “No matter where and under what circumstances …”

So what does it mean to live yourself freely?

To live your truth without being dependent on a person, an adjective. Moment by moment… Being aware of your own values and needs. It’s not easy, my dear, and it’s not easy to become aware. It is not a fait accompli process anyway. It is like a lace that is finely embroidered throughout life. It is like opening your own path in a dark forest, creating the path that belongs to you.

Being the hero of your own fairy tale…

How can you write your own fairy tale by holding on to other tales, other heroes?

So now, call to your table one by one whatever you are afraid and anxious about leaving your life. First feed them, give them drink. Thank each one of them. Each experience… Then send them off one by one with love and gratitude. Say, “I have received what I will receive, I have given what I will give”.

Liberate yourself from both what you take and what you give. Liberate yourself so that you have a new page to put in your tale, new sentences to write, new experiences to live.

What Shams Tabriz-i said;

How do you know that your life won’t be better than the top and bottom?

Let the one who changes change, let the one who leaves go, let the one who transforms transform. Choose to focus on the gifts of the new or the one who will come again. Choose so that the magic of life comes alive. Because the magic is in the new experiences you embrace moment by moment…


Because the road is always open. As long as you set off with a lighter heart!

To those who have fallen into a moment of pessimism on their way…

I am a traveller and a player who embodies in the world and presents somatic work as a way of expression in an art container. I offer experiences on how we can add this state of play to every moment of life. Under the roof of Yin-Play, I share yoga and art tools to serve this experience.