Özge Cevher Yüksel – Bread of Your Heart

Guest: Özge Cevher Yüksel
Title of The Work: Bread of Your Heart
Original Title: Kalbinin Ekmeği
Genre: Prose Writing

“Everyone eats the bread of their heart at the end of the day!”

Isn’t it a comforting phrase? It is very profound about the experiences that have become a lump in our throat, about the events that we feel we have been wronged, about the humanity that we cannot find a return for;

“eating the bread of your heart!”

Bread of the heart;
How much labor you put in,
How hard you try to stay in love,
How much you live your truth,
It’s about how much you remember to be human.

Do you not love what you work for? Or does he strive for what he loves?

Your truth is about what you are hosting right now. How do I feel, what states do I fulfill, what is my need? And am I able to express all these things?

And once I connect with that, am I able to enter and move through the door that opens from me to the other?

Like Montaigne who said, “In every human being there are all the states of humanity!”, am I able to meet the states of other souls?

Then your bread produced from the oven of the heart will be visible. As you remember, you taste the taste of the morsel you take and give. And as you taste it, you remember that you are human;

You embrace all humanity in all its forms.

Now stop for a moment in silence,
Two deep breaths in – out,
Put your hands over your heart,
Whisper to your heart;
“What does my bread taste like today?”

And if it’s unpleasant today, see how you can sweeten it,

If it’s quite tasty and light,

Ask yourself, “Who can I share it with?”

Acceptance from heart to heart in all our forms…

I am a traveller and a player who embodies in the world and presents somatic work as a way of expression in an art container. I offer experiences on how we can add this state of play to every moment of life. Under the roof of Yin-Play, I share yoga and art tools to serve this experience.