Hande Kavgacı – Call for Peace

Guest: Hande Kavgacı
Title of The Work: Call to Peace
Original Title: Barışa Çağrı
Genre: Poetry

The city surrenders to the wind.
The sky is a deep blue.
It stretches over the people like a blanket of the darkest blue.
No sun. No clouds.
No rain falling from the sky,
Only the wind blows, west to east and north to south.

The trees succumb to the storm.
Leaves scatter on the ground and hit people in the face.
Pain sticks to the tracks of the tanks.
A woman prays for everything and everyone to stop, even for a moment.
A spring afternoon passes through the city,
and then bombs explode, smoke everywhere, fire everywhere.

With an announcement that was never made or a siren that was never sounded.
people are running away.
With something coming to an end,
other kinds of things begin.
As the anxiety in the hearts darkens the faces,
Millions, thousands, hundreds of millions are dying on migration routes.

Who started it and what it is aimed at
history becomes a party to an unknown war.
Both man and time are wild.
Unprotected children like soldiers without trenches,
They hold on to life with their tears.
And the soil wet with falling tears covers their clean dreams.

Loneliness overflowing from the battlements burns the stars.
The sky is shattering, the eye does not see, the ear does not hear.
Houses are without light.
Hearts are cold.
Chimneys are smokeless.
Our end is getting closer and closer, closer and closer…

Maybe if the smell of warm bread spread,
this world will realise you’re alive.
A seed will blossom, a river will flow.
While the children of a lost season with no identity are wasted,
Neither power nor power will benefit anyone.

But still.
the world won’t stop just because it’s dark everywhere.
In a jungle or in a forest
in a land that has lost its way,
because people shut up
the voice of conscience can’t be silenced forever…

I aim to present new worlds by putting feelings and thoughts into words. I usually like to go deep into the human being and try to understand the complexity of life. My writings aim to offer a thought-provoking perspective on the diversity of human nature. It is my greatest desire to share what I feel with the power of words.