Sagopa Kajmer, the Strongest Fortress of Turkish Rap Music, is on Tour

Sagopa Kajmer, one of the most powerful names of Turkish rap music, who has given countless concerts in Turkey and abroad, is counting the days to sing his most popular songs from past to present with his fans in Samsun, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Malatya, Elazığ and Adana within the scope of the tour to be held with BKM Organization!

Sagopa Kajmer, who continues his Turkey tour without slowing down right after his European tour, will be on stage in Samsun on April 16, Trabzon on April 19, Gaziantep on April 24, Malatya on April 25, Elazığ on April 26 and Adana on May 29.

Sagopa Kajmer, the master name of rap music, who is one of the most prolific names in Turkey, completed his tour in 81 provinces of Turkey in the past years and made a name for himself with the title of rap artist who gave concerts in all provinces for the first time in Turkey.



April 16 : 19 Mayıs University Mehmet Yalçın Taşmektepligil Indoor Sports Hall, Samsun

April 19 : Anemon Trabzon Hotel, Trabzon

April 24th : GAUN Mâvera KSM – Open Air Stage, Gaziantep

April 25th : Anemon Hotel Malatya, Malatya

April 26 : Elazığ Fair and Congress Center, Elazığ

May 29 : Çukurova University Open Air Theater, Adana

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