Katharsis: The Share of the Silent Exhibition

The group exhibition titled “Katharsis: The Share of the Silent”, consisting of the works of Rei Xiao, Studio Pinprick and Tuba Geçgel, meets with art lovers at Martch Art Project’s Piyalepaşa location until March 16.

The exhibition “Katharsis: The Share of the Silent”, for which Ömer Uğurluoğlu wrote the exhibition text, brings together the works of painting and tattoo artist Rei Xiao, multidisciplinary artist Tuba Geçgel and Studio Pinprick, an initiative of two artists from Eskişehir.

Ömer Uğurluoğlu says the following in the exhibition text “Katharsis: The Share of the Silent”: “Despite all of man’s efforts to make sense of himself, nature always invites man to itself. The ‘share of the silent’ actually makes the loudest noise. It involves us and brings about the greatest confrontation and purification. Isn’t it really so? The intense emotions that we observe but cannot make sense of always interfere with and involve us. Each guest he includes shapes it with completely different touches. Our practice of existence is partly related to traces and touches…”

1. “Katharsis: The Share of the Silent” Exhibition
2. Rei Xiao
3. Studio Pinprick
4. Tuba Gecgel

Catharsis is defined as a process that involves the viewer in an emotional experience. The mind, seeing itself as a tool, evokes certain emotions and, through the experience of these emotions, creates a kind of emotional purification or cleansing effect in individuals. Catharsis is not only an emotional process, but also a concept that includes therapeutic or aesthetic experiences.

It represents the viewer’s internalization of the images he encounters and expresses purification from the emotional state created. Purification here does not mean getting rid of all emotions that do not benefit the individual. The aim is to enable individuals to understand what it means to be human by empathizing with others, putting themselves in someone else’s shoes, and observing themselves in others. It’s like tracking your life, your fears, your passions, your escapes, and your potential outcomes. It’s a movie and it’s about going outside of oneself.

In the practice of existence, man is always in the process of finding and understanding himself.

“Man, who is the greatest observer of the process of existence, goes outside himself, has the opportunity to observe himself from afar, can understand others by confronting his fears or passions, and can experience a state of purification. Undoubtedly, this state of purification is not based on any specific gain or reason; It is purely an aesthetic pleasure. As a result, one derives pleasure from this experience, which can be described as essentially aesthetic and sublime rather than narrowly moral.”

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