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oiktoz; is a culture and art initiative that sets out with the motto of plenty of culture and plenty of art. It is a living and developing community with a website, an art club, a magazine, a newsletter and many oiktoz people already in it. It is an organisation that is happy to be interested in culture and art and tells the stories of people who produce in this field in order for this happiness to continue.

Hümeyra Bilge Şen

Founder of oiktoz. While trying to exist in financial calculations, a simple person who concentrates on internal calculations and says that the most beautiful of calculations is art.

Alev Şahin

Founder and editor-in-chief of oiktoz. Living and going without forgetting that life is colourful and multifaceted, without neglecting to love birds, flowers and people.

Yağmur Mavi Şen

I live in my head rather than in the world; between two books in a few verses. I am the first person singular in hijab, including paws in my loneliness. That's all I am.

Doğukan Doğan

Doğukan Doğan, one of the poets whose poetry books have been downloaded nearly 100,000 times on Google Play and whose poems are read the most, appears before the readers with 5 poetry books he has written so far.

Melek Şen

A person who tries to shape her life, which is as clear as black and white, with new emotions by adopting the saying "... how do you know that life will not be better at the bottom than the top?".

Mustafa Deniz Serter

He started writing short stories as a student. She took her first step into writing life with the publication of her first stories in various literary magazines and book selections. Two story books titled 'Sessiz' and 'Can Davası' were published. He is interested in literature, cinema and theatre.

Metin Abay

After acting in various TV series, movies and theater plays, he started writing essays by letting himself go with the flow of time, three points... Everyone's path is different, the goal to be achieved is the same. When you reach it, I will be waiting for you there. I hope you will read my stories from this flow and find me while reading...

Özge Cevher Yüksel

I am a traveller and a player who embodies in the world and presents somatic work as a way of expression in an art container. I offer experiences on how we can add this state of play to every moment of life. Under the roof of Yin-Play, I share yoga and art tools to serve this experience.

Hande Kavgacı

I aim to present new worlds by putting feelings and thoughts into words. I usually like to go deep into the human being and try to understand the complexity of life. My writings aim to offer a thought-provoking perspective on the diversity of human nature. It is my greatest desire to share what I feel with the power of words.

Ece Taşan

I am an individual who prefers to express what I cannot speak by writing, who enjoys making sense of silences with long commas and periods. My pen, like a prison that can even hide screams, helps me open the doors of my own worlds by putting my emotions on paper. In short, I am a person of different worlds.

Zeynep Şen

I am a person who writes, scribbles, crosses out, underlines and laughs. I am also impatient to read and have my writings read.

Mustafa Memiş

He tries to discover different branches of art and himself, directs documentaries and paints part-time. He tries to exist full time.

Oğuz Tutal

Oğuz Tutal is an environmental and climate economist and a senior expert at CERA Europe (Climate and Environment Association Europe) and European Development Institute (EDI).

Rojda Alak

A woman who gives meaning to the curvatures in life, who gets excited when she is told "come on", who is in love not with the blue of the sea but with the yellow of the steppe and the green of the trees. She is passionate about dreams, stories, trees, wind and most of all cats from a place called "Life is a dream, waking up is death".

Yasemin Uluçınar

She reads for herself, travels for herself, watches for herself and scribbles for herself. She also shares it with you as the People's Arena. She was born 34 years ago in a small village and those were the best times of her life. I guess she has been searching for herself since she fell into the big city. While searching, she has accumulated a lot of stories. Now it's time to write...

Oumaima Essadiki

My name is oumaima but i go by emma sometimes, it's a nickname that came from one of my favorite people back in my hometown Casablanca so i always feel like I'm carrying my home wherever i go. I'm 26 and moonlight as a poet sometimes, i live in istanbul right now and this magical city has given me so much, i love coffee and discovering new coffeeshops and my favorite word is word.

Dilay Dondurmacı

"Everything is mortal, both the one who remembers and the one who is remembered." A person who likes to add something of himself to life from other branches of art as well as his musicianship...

Note: Sorting; It was made according to those with oiktozians who wrote the most review articles and the fewest review articles.