Voice of the Imaginary World: Ferit Edgü – Hakkâri’de Bir Mevsim (1977)

Ferit Edgü had this book published in 1977. The novel is told through the language of an orphaned teacher in a remote village.

Is it madness after ignoring your past?
Should we say it’s okay if it happens or not anymore, to every stirrings of life?
How far should one be content with what one has?
In what way should one embrace what is human?

Ferit Edgü asks many more questions. Devamını Oku…

What is the Fundamental Contradiction in Life?: Zengin Mutfağı (1977)

Vasıf Öngören wrote the play Zengin Mutfağı (Rich Cuisine) in 1977. This work has an important place in terms of epic theater in Turkey.

The play, which was first performed at Istanbul City Theaters, received many awards.

In the work, we watch the events that took place in a rich kitchen during the June 15-16 events, which were of great importance in the Turkish Labor Movement. Devamını Oku…

Alev Şahin – Secret

Guest: Alev Şahin
Title of The Work: Secret
Original Title: Sır
Genre: Story

She had been sitting in her adobe house at the foot of the mountain for an hour with one hand clenched into a fist, almost motionless, when there was a knock on the garden gate. She supported herself on the sofa with her clenched fist and got up softly from her seat, holding her crippled leg with the other hand. In spite of the summer day, the coolness in the house caressed her face, and the smell of the summer’s share of the molds that would return in winter permeated her. She tidied her headscarf. She went to the outer door and tried to see beyond the garden gate with her eyes that could not see very well. Devamını Oku…