Voice of the Imaginary World: Ferit Edgü – Hakkâri’de Bir Mevsim (1977)

Ferit Edgü had this book published in 1977. The novel is told through the language of an orphaned teacher in a remote village.

Is it madness after ignoring your past?
Should we say it’s okay if it happens or not anymore, to every stirrings of life?
How far should one be content with what one has?
In what way should one embrace what is human?

Ferit Edgü asks many more questions. Devamını Oku…

Materialism and Narcissism: Oscar Wilde – The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891)

“You have a marvelously beautiful face, Mr. Gray. Don’t frown. Beauty is a kind of genius, even greater than genius, because it needs no explanation. Beauty is one of the sublime phenomena of the earth, like sunlight, like springtime, like the reflection of that silver shell we call the moon in the dark waters. Its greatness cannot be questioned. Sovereignty is its divine right. She bestows princedoms on those who possess her. Smiling, huh? Well, you won’t smile when you lose your beauty” Devamını Oku…

Open Your Heart’s Eye: Mine Söğüt – Beş Sevim Apartmanı – Rüya Tabirli Cinperi Yalanları (2003)

I leave you with my review of Mine Söğüt’s first book “Beş Sevim Apartmanı – Rüya Tabirli Cinperi Yalanları”.

Although the book is the first novel of Söğüt, one of the new talents of Turkish literature, I can say that she has written a very impressive story. His observations, his examination of the subject, his sentences and the author’s narration as if establishing a direct dialogue with the reader deeply impressed me… Devamını Oku…

This Book Contains Music: Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood (1987)

Norwegian Wood is one of the books that attracted my attention by the author, whom I met about a year and a half ago. It is the second Murakami book I read after “Kafka on the Shore”. I was deeply impressed by the author’s life story and I had been waiting for a long time to read this book. I looked at the cover of the book for a long time and only with the cover design of the book, I fell into impossible dreams. I wanted to buy the book without having any idea about the content of the book. The pornographic elements in the book raised questions in the minds of some readers like me. Although I know that everyone can derive different emotions and meanings from a work, I could not help but question whether these elements were appropriate to the general narrative of the book… Devamını Oku…