Doğukan Doğan – Breakups Pregnant with Beginnings

Guest: Doğukan Doğan
Title of The Work: Breakups Pregnant with Beginnings
Original Title: Başlangıçlara Gebe Ayrılıklar
Genre: Story

“Every separation leads to a new beginning and every beginning leads to a new separation.
No matter how much we don’t want it, unavoidable reasons will lead to an unwanted sadness,
And sad speeches to teary eyes.
You’ll say it was the wrong time, the wrong person.
Yet it won’t be the answer your poor haughty heart wants…
You are still big in my small eyes and I am still a small silhouette in your big heart.
I hope one day to shrink in your words and grow in your eyes…”

He was writing these lines on a corner of the paper, the tip of which was yellowed due to spilled tea. Devamını Oku…

Doğukan Doğan – Whether You “Take” or “Throw” Love

Guest: Doğukan Doğan
Title of The Work: Whether You “Take” or “Throw” Love
Original Title: Aşk’ı İster “Al” İster “At”
Genre: Story

Once upon a time I loved someone too. I guessed that he also loved me, maybe I hoped so, I don’t know now. He offered to share his Life with me, but I found it risky and did not accept it, because I had shared many things before, but Life had never been among them. Even Love, it took me a long time to share it with someone else. Wasn’t it risky? Yes, it was. Was it a good outcome? Not really, but it was a good experience. But was life like that? Devamını Oku…

Doğukan Doğan – LOVE Begins With Longing…

>oiktozian: Doğukan Doğan
Title of The Work: LOVE Begins With Longing…
Original Title: HASRET’ler SEVGİ’yle Başlar…
Genre: Story

On Doğukan’s wrist was a clock with an hour and minute hand that helped complete another one of those ordinary days. He was constantly looking at his watch and waiting for his friends, in the mist of a blissful hot coffee. If nothing went wrong, they would meet regularly every week at the places they had chosen… Devamını Oku…

Drowning in a Sea of Clichés: Dragon Trap (Ejder Kapanı) (2010)

Sometimes you don’t know almost any actor in a film, but you watch that film because there is only one actor, or you don’t know an actor, but you watch and follow the director who made the film.Our favourite actors and directors have always had a special place in our lives. When I saw the first poster, my heart started beating faster with excitement, and when I read the names of the actors in order, I even felt a Mexican Wave inside me. I mentioned at the beginning, sometimes you watch a film for an actor or director. Imagine; if those actors and the director meet in the same place, can there be a bigger excitement for a film lover? Who wasn’t on that poster? Devamını Oku…