Doğukan Doğan – Yourself, Yourself and Yourself

Guest: Doğukan Doğan
Title of The Work: Yourself, Yourself and Yourself
Original Title: Kendini, Kendini ve Kendini
Genre: Poetry

How many years have passed since I shed my first tear?
Climates changed, I changed, you transformed.
The grocer stopped selling raki because of neighborhood pressure
I couldn’t stop loving in your absence
The doctor told me I have a cervical hernia.
Looking at the sky to see if the birds would migrate.
I used to ask if everything I did was worth it.
I’m drinking with my past self now to see if it was worth it
Just as I cannot forgive the one who breaks bread with greasy hands
I can’t forgive the one who made you love your heart in the wrong hands.
Recently I kicked a stone and then I apologized.
The stone is silent and I apologize
In the past, a knife was stabbed into my heart and then I begged for forgiveness
My heart is broken, and those who ask for forgiveness are left looking at what they have lost.
Life doesn’t offer meat on a platter
But I was willing to give the dry bread in my hand
I realized that expectations make you sad.
When I saw the foolish face of the other.
Another cloud slips from the sky
I wonder if you can see the stars
Surely there will be someone in this world who defends the clouds too
Until that day
Love, leave and lose
Yourself, yourself and yourself.

Doğukan Doğan, one of the poets whose poetry books have been downloaded nearly 100,000 times on Google Play and whose poems are read the most, appears before the readers with 5 poetry books he has written so far.