6th Istanbul Comedy Festival Ended with Laughter

Istanbul Comedy Festival (İstanbul Komedi Festivali), which took place for the 6th time this year, ended with laughter with its last show.

BKM, which has signed blockbuster films in the Turkish cinema industry, brought the audience together with Gülse Birsel, the screenwriter of the film “Aile Arasında”, and Ozan Açıktan, the director of the film “Aile Arasında”, on the last day of the Istanbul Comedy Festival, which brought laughter to the city for a full month, at Zorlu PSM Touch last night, under the moderation of film critic Mehmet Açar at the “Aile Arasında Film Reading with Mehmet Açar“, one of the events specially prepared for the festival!

In this special event where Gülse Birsel, the screenwriter and Ozan Açıktan, the director of the film “Aile Arasında”, which is among the best-grossing Turkish films of all time, were the guests with their sincere conversations, the scenes, subtexts, dialogues, cult characters and unforgettable moments of the film took the leading roles. The most special moments and memories of the film Aile Arasında, which contains both love and friendship, where the audience said “Let me rest for two minutes after laughing so that my stomach ache will go away“, turned into a laughter crisis at the Istanbul Comedy Festival.

While the master names, who met on stage for the first time in this special project, gave the participants an unforgettable night, it turned into a unique show accompanied by the laughter of the audience.

BKM, which sets the trends in the field of humour in Turkey and prepares the ground for alternative and avant-garde projects, will meet the Istanbul Comedy Festival audience again next year with a full programme of local & foreign comedy from 7 to 70!

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