Özge Cevher Yüksel – Bread of Your Heart

Guest: Özge Cevher Yüksel
Title of The Work: Bread of Your Heart
Original Title: Kalbinin Ekmeği
Genre: Prose Writing

“Everyone eats the bread of their heart at the end of the day!”

Isn’t it a comforting phrase? It is very profound about the experiences that have become a lump in our throat, about the events that we feel we have been wronged, about the humanity that we cannot find a return for;

“eating the bread of your heart!” Devamını Oku…

Özge Cevher Yüksel – For The Power of Letting Go…

Guest: Özge Cevher Yüksel
Title of The Work: For The Power of Letting Go…
Original Title: Bırakabilmenin Gücü Adına…
Genre: Prose Writing

What are you holding on to?

To what?

To whom?

What makes you shine?

A good person, helpful, open-hearted.

Or the forms that take your light?

“He’s never on time anyway. He’s lazy. He never keeps his word!” Devamını Oku…