Psychoanalysis Seminars: “İkame Çocuk” & “Rüya Ve Arzu: Troçki, Lenin Ve Lacan”

TESAK – Kadıköy Tarih Edebiyat Sanat Kütüphanesi will hold a seminar titled “İkame Çocuk” & “Rüya Ve Arzu: Troçki, Lenin Ve Lacan” as part of the Psychoanalysis Seminars. This seminar is free of charge and open to everyone.

Speakers: İskender Çolak, Umut Özen

Psychoanalysis, which is a treatment method that analyses the human psyche in all its dimensions and tries to understand psychological structures and processes, has come to this day since the 1890s when Freud put forward the first model of the theory by constantly developing with great debates, enriching and dimensioning with different approaches. In the Psychoanalysis Seminars organised with the members of the Istanbul Freudcu  Psikanaliz Association (FPD), psychoanalysis will be discussed at TESAK again this season, and efforts will be made to understand the contributions of psychoanalytic theory to the clinic and culture.

In this first seminar, İskender Çolak will speak on “İkame Çocuk” and Umut Özen on “Rüya Ve Arzu: Troçki, Lenin Ve Lacan” will take part in this first seminar.


TESAK – Kadıköy Tarih Edebiyat Sanat Kütüphanesi:
Caferağa Mahallesi Rıhtım Caddesi No:2/3 Eski Başkanlık Binası (opposite Beşiktaş pier) Kadıköy/ İstanbul
Telephone: (216) 337 86 54-55


Note: Participants are kindly requested to arrive at the hall at least 15 minutes before the event, not to enter and exit the hall during the event, to turn off mobile phone and watch alarms before entering the hall, and not to take photos and films during the event.

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