Oumaima Essadiki – The Revealing Pain

Guest: Oumaima Essadiki
Title of The Work: The Revealing Pain
Genre: Poetry

Pain isn’t mysterious
Pain is the childhood friend that you never need to reacquaint yourself with
It can be sweet like a lover’s embrace
And it can ruin you like a lover’s last embrace
Pain is familiar
It’s your childhood bedroom where you never felt quite right, but crave as soon as you leave
Pain is predictable and the least scary part of our lives
But the pain that comes from wanting you is unlike anything I’ve ever known
You’re redefining everything i know
You’re the scale in which i measure life right now
And if i weren’t so mystified and terrified, i would find that magical

My name is oumaima but i go by emma sometimes, it's a nickname that came from one of my favorite people back in my hometown Casablanca so i always feel like I'm carrying my home wherever i go. I'm 26 and moonlight as a poet sometimes, i live in istanbul right now and this magical city has given me so much, i love coffee and discovering new coffeeshops and my favorite word is word.