Metin Abay – Presence

Guest: Metin Abay
Title of The Work: Presence
Original Title: Varlık
Genre: Prose Writing

Do we realize the value of life when we experience loss?

Why do we keep dwelling on the past, wasting time, when life goes on and on and the past doesn’t come back? Do we really need someone’s words? Can there be someone who knows me better than me, you better than you better than you? Sometimes we believe so much. We fall short of our main purpose of capturing life. We plug our noses where we should breathe, close our eyes where we should see. We devalue the life that is offered to us and the scariest thing is that we seem to enjoy it.

When we cannot control our minds, when we cannot help ourselves, we cannot help anyone, we cannot heal. Sometimes we just need to let go, really let go…

If you think you’ve made enough effort, let him come to you, let him make the effort now. Try this. You didn’t try, you didn’t try anything you said you tried. You thought you tried, that’s how you felt.

It is difficult, very difficult; but if everything in life was easy, what would be the pleasure?

There would be no fun, no excitement.

“Darkness is bad, yes, until you turn on the light”.

After acting in various TV series, movies and theater plays, he started writing essays by letting himself go with the flow of time, three points... Everyone's path is different, the goal to be achieved is the same. When you reach it, I will be waiting for you there. I hope you will read my stories from this flow and find me while reading...