Mehmet Ali Tan’s New Poetry Book “Pantolonlu Bulut” is Out

Mehmet Ali Tan’s new poetry book “Pantolonlu Bulut” was published by Kanguru Kitap (Book).

The book, prepared for publication by Kanguru Yayınları (Publications), whose Editor-in-Chief is Aydın Şimşek, contains 87 poems and the cover design is by Nurgül Gökmen.

The back cover of “Pantolonlu Bulut”, named after Mayakovsky’s poem of the same name, is dedicated to a poem by Mehmet Ali Tan:
We are both drunk
And we sort
We are boats on the water
When day turns to night
We count the beautiful
Come on, boys, boys, boys
Why don’t the girls play?
“Laric chum terelelli

Bizler hem sarhoş
Hem ayıklarız
Suda yüzen kayıklarız
Gün geceye girince
Güzeli sayıklarız
Haydi, oğlanlar oğlanlar
Niçin kızlar oynamıyorlar?
“Lariç çum terelelli

As in his previous book “Çın Çınn“, Mehmet Ali Tan once again writes the literature of raki and raki tables. His ironic and critical language is again at the forefront. The theme is always life itself. Mehmet Ali Tan said the following about his book: “The author should close his mouth when he opens his mouth (Nietzche); the author writes, writes, ends; the word is the reader’s.

“Pantolonlu Bulut”, which will attract the attention of poetry lovers with its unique style, can be obtained from internet sales sites and Kanguru Publications website.

Mehmet Ali Tan
Born in 1960 in Isparta. He graduated from Ankara Gazi Higher Teacher Training School in 1982. He worked as a teacher in Ceyhan for a while. He studied languages abroad. Then he entered the public sector and worked in the private sector. He has been to various countries. His poems and stories were published in magazines such as Yaşam Sanat, Üvercinka, Kasabadan Esinti, Tmolos, Deliler Teknesi, Artemis, Şehir, Deliler Teknesi, Sin Edebiyat, Zil, Kanca. He also took part in some anthologies. His first poetry book “Çın Çınn” was published by Klaros Publications in 2020. He lives in Ankara. He is married and has one child.

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