Lûgat365 – Bazı Tâbirler Çok Güzel, Published by Can Yayınları

The “alâmetifârika” of Turkish, beautiful expressions…

This time Lûgat365 comes with 365 words that entered our language in different periods of Turkish, rich in both pronunciation and meaning.

We have seen years ago how beautiful some words are. We read the lost treasures of our language, the treasures that are not lost but whose depth is not known enough, in Bazı Kelimeler Çok Güzel and we loved Turkish again.

Now we are adding beautiful expressions to these beautiful words. Both the expressions that have survived from the old periods of Turkish and those that have been formed by combining words transferred from different languages. “Güllük gülistanlık”, “cim karnında bir nokta”, “zehir zemberek”, “pupa yelken” and hundreds of others.

These are just a taste of our deep-rooted, rich, delicious Turkish. How necessary they are is “îzahtan vâreste!”



Book Name: Lûgat365 – Bazı Tâbirler Çok Güzel
Author: Banu Ertuğrul – Onur Ertuğrul
Publisher: Can Yayınları
Series: Contemporary
Type: Dictionary
Pages: 304

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