Alice Brière-Haquet – “Memo ve Ay” is on the Shelves with Mundi Child Label!

Alice Briére-Haquet’s warm story Memo and the Moon is on the shelves with Mundi Children!

Memo and the Moon focuses on love and the ways we show it, supported by concepts such as sharing and helping. In Memo’s struggle to give his mother the best gift, you will both witness his emotional moments and embark on a journey full of compassion.

Memo is a tiny little boy.
All he wants is to give his mom a gift as beautiful as she is:
The Moon in the sky.
But the moon is so high up…
So our Memo will ask someone to help him.
And in return he will give them all a piece of the moon…
But what will little Memo do if his mom doesn’t have it?


Book Name: Memo and the Moon
Author: Alice Brière-Haquet
Translation: Sumru Ağıryürüyen
Publisher: Mundi
Series: Mundi Child
Age Range: 4 years and up
Page Count: 40

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