Books to be Published by Can Publishing During March 2024

Gabriel García Márquez’s new posthumous novel, Ağustosta Görüşürüz (Until August), which will be published at the same time as the rest of the world; Genç Adam (The Young Man), Annie Ernaux’s account of her passionate love; Sıradan Şeylere Övgüler (Odes to Common Things), in which the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda celebrates the miracle of the ordinary and the everyday; and many more will be published by Can Publishing in March.

Gabriel García Márquez/ Ağustosta Görüşürüz (Until August) (trans. Emrah İmre)
Until August is a profound analysis of freedom, regret, personal transformation and the mysteries of love, and an unexpected gift to readers from Márquez, one of the greatest writers the world has ever known.

Annie Ernaux / Genç Adam (The Young Man) (trans. Siren Idemen)
The Young Man tells the story of Annie Ernaux’s passionate love affair in the late 1990s, when she was in her fifties, with a university student thirty years her junior, with no expectations of a future.

Pablo Neruda / Sıradan Şeylere Övgüler (Odes to Common Things) (trans. Adnan Özer)
The Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, whom Gabriel García Márquez called “the greatest poet of the twentieth century in any language,” is a unique homage to the everyday in which the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, no less than a realistic photographer, seeks to capture all aspects of life between the lines, as if to place heaven on earth.

Klaus Mann / Mephisto: Bir Kariyerin Romanı (Mephisto: The Novel of a Career) (trans. Anıl Alacaoğlu)
Written by Thomas Mann’s son Klaus Mann while he was living in exile in World War II Germany, Mephisto, first published in Amsterdam in 1936 and now a cult favorite, is a fascinating novel of decadence and evil about resistance, career and artistic morality.

Ludwig Wittgenstein / Renkler Üzerine Düşünceler (Remarks on Colour) (trans. Berkan Üze)
Written in Oxford in 1950, a year before his death, Ludwig Wittgenstein’s last work, Remarks on Colour is one of the few texts in which he focuses on a single philosophical topic. Believing that philosophical problems about colors can only be solved by paying attention to the relevant language games, Wittgenstein also discusses Goethe’s Color Doctrine and Philipp Otto Runge’s observations in order to clarify the use of colors in language.

Murat Uyurkulak / Bazuka (Bazooka)
Murat Uyurkulak addresses his readers with nine bizarre stories in his first story book Bazooka. These are stories in which there is no need to put a line, a layer between them and life. Most of them are written with a wicked smile, and as the author intended, they are often read with a wicked smile.

Paula Fox / Umutsuz Karakterler (Desperate Characters) (trans. Begüm Kovulmaz)
Otto and Sophie Bentwood are a married couple of 15 years living in a gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn. Living a well-to-do life in their beautifully furnished home, unlike the old residents of the neighborhood, they see other people as a threat to them, but one evening, when they are invited to a friend’s house party, Sophie is bitten by a stray cat she feeds.

Umberto Eco / Televizyona Dair (On Television) (trans. Betül Parlak)
On Television brings together Umberto Eco’s writings devoted to “that strange talking box” and its productions, which left its mark on the mass communication universe of the 20th century.

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