Josephine Hart – Yara, Published by Can Yayınları (Mundi)

A fascinating novel of dangerous obsessions, destructive passions and the dark side of love.

Wealth, a beautiful wife, successful children, a prestigious political career… For what purpose does a man who outwardly has it all risk it all?


The Wound is the story of a man who, when he comes face to face with Anna, his son’s lover, feels in his bones the lack of the one thing missing in his life: passion.

Josephine Hart puts into words a dance between life and death as she depicts the human weakness for passion through the relationship between a beautiful, enigmatic and dangerous woman and a man obsessed with possessing her.

Josephine Hart’s debut novel The Wound has been translated into 26 languages and has reached more than one million readers worldwide. The book was also adapted for Netflix in 2023 under the title Obsession.

Dangerous obsessions, destructive passions and the dark side of love…

JOSEPHINE HART was born in Ireland in 1942. She was educated at a convent boarding school in Carrickmacross. Hart had a tragic childhood: By the age of 17, two of her siblings had died of illness and one brother died in an explosion while experimenting with chemicals. At the age of 22, she moved to London and began working for Haymarket Publishing, becoming its first female director. In the late 1980s she founded the Gallery Poets. Their production of Let Us Go Then, You and I, about T.S. Eliot, was first staged for six weeks as a poetry program at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Street. He has produced numerous West End plays, including Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba and Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince. His first novel, The Wound, was published in 1990. Translated into 26 languages, it sold more than a million copies worldwide and was made into a movie starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche and directed by Louis Malle. He wrote five more novels: Sin (1992), Oblivion (1995), The Stillest Day (1998), The Reconstructionist (2001) and The Truth About Love (2009). Her book Catching Life By the Throat (2006), inspired by the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour at the British Library in London, was distributed in an audiobook version to all secondary schools in the UK. Words That Burn followed in 2008. Josephine Hart died in 2011.

DEFNE KARAKAYA graduated from Koç University, Department of Sociology and History. She completed her master’s degree in Gender Studies at Central European University. She worked as an editor and publication coordinator at Koç University Press. She currently works as a freelance translator, editor and publication coordinator for art institutions.


Book Title: Yara (Damage)
Author: Josephine Hart
Translation: Defne Karakaya
Publisher: Mundi
Page Count: 176

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