Is it Harder to Deceive or to be Deceived?: Paulo Coelho – Adultery (2014)

Paulo Coelho’s ” Adultery” was presented to Turkish readers in 2014. The book attracts attention as a curiously read work.

In the book, female psychology, marriage and social structure, as well as the concepts of adultery and adultery are discussed in depth. In addition, it is about a woman who has a happy life, questioning herself and observing the consequences of adultery. The issue of cheating or being deceived is the main theme of the book and the author deals with this issue in great depth. The question of whether a woman deceives herself, deceives her feelings, or deceives the man she married with great excitement, was happy and dreamed of is emphasised…

Is it harder to cheat or to be deceived?
In no way can cheating be justified and no one deserves to be cheated.

Coelho offers an in-depth examination of male-female relationships, marriages and social structure in his work ” Adultery”. The author meticulously analyses the social and political structure of Europe, the relationship between men and women, and the perspectives of men and women on marriage. This examination offers readers a different perspective and answers many questions.

The book also deals with the concept of love in a very impressive way. The author’s way of explaining the meaning of love and the purpose of life passes directly to the reader. The way he explains the concept of “love”, emphasises the importance of love and tells the readers that love is one of the most important concepts in human life.

“Adultery” offers readers a pleasant reading experience with the fluency and simplicity of its language and stands out among the classics as a work that can be read to relax. It is a classic that everyone who is in the process of questioning and learning should read. The author’s words; “The most important lesson of life is to learn to love” constitute the main philosophy of the book. Readers can also gain a different perspective on the problems in their lives thanks to this work.

As a result, Paulo Coelho’s ” Adultery” is a book that deals in depth not only with the issue of adultery, but also with many issues such as female psychology, male-female relationships, marriages and social structure. While the book offers readers a pleasant reading experience with the fluency and simplicity of its language, the author’s deep thoughts offer readers different ways of thinking. ” Adultery” is not only a novel, but also an instructive work that questions the meaning of life. The book stands out as a classic that everyone should read.



Year of First Edition: 2014
Genre: Novel
Author: Paulo Coelho