Ece Taşan – Comradeship in Silence

Guest: Ece Taşan
Title of The Work: Comradeship in Silence
Original Title: Sessizlikte Yoldaşlık
Genre: Poetry

It’s okay, it’s okay,
He puts into ink what I cannot speak,
My silence becomes a voice for words.
It will happen,
Those we cannot see become stars on our path,
Guided in the darkness, we are illuminated by hope.

Sometimes silence is the deepest expression,
What we cannot express with our eyes, they engrave in our hearts.
Emotions hidden in a glance,
In the black of ink, they are written on white pages.

Those we cannot see become our companions,
Like stars that light our way on dark nights.
As we dance with the unknown at every step,
We move towards tomorrow with hope.

When it happens, it happens,
Where words are not enough, we encounter the power of silence.
What we cannot see lights our way,
And with every step, it becomes our comrade.

I am an individual who prefers to express what I cannot speak by writing, who enjoys making sense of silences with long commas and periods. My pen, like a prison that can even hide screams, helps me open the doors of my own worlds by putting my emotions on paper. In short, I am a person of different worlds.