2024 Rıfat Ilgaz Poetry Competition

Cide Municipality is organizing the 2024 Rıfat Ilgaz Poetry Competition.

Application deadline for the competition: April 15, 2024

Total prize money of the competition: 5 Thousand TL.

Method of participation in the competition: In person/Cargo/Mail

Restrictions in the competition: Anyone who wants can participate.

Organized by: Cide Municipality

Competition application continues…


Participation Conditions:

  • A contemporary world view, linguistic awareness and aesthetics required by the art of poetry will be the basic criteria in the works that will participate in the competition as candidates.
  • Application for the competition will start on November 1, 2023 and end on April 15, 2024.
  • All poetry books published between January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 can participate in the competition, but books that have previously won an award in any competition will not be evaluated.
  • “Collected poems” or “selected poems” cannot participate in the award.
  • Jury; It consists of Tuğrul Keskin, Haydar Ergülen, Çiğdem Sezer, Kaan Tanyeri and İbrahim Tığ.
  • The Selection Committee will meet online on June 25, 2024, evaluate the works participating in the competition and announce the results with their reasons.
  • The award is given to one book, but the selection committee may divide the award among more than one book, if necessary. If no book is found suitable for the first place, a book published in 2023 may be awarded by the jury. Additionally, a “Special Jury
  • Award” may be awarded depending on the jury’s decision.
  • The award ceremony will be held in Rıfat Ilgaz’s hometown, Cide, in July 2024, within the scope of the 29th Cide Rıfat Ilgaz Sarı Writing Culture and Art Festival.
  • The books that will participate in the competition will be seven (7) with a petition containing the participant’s short CV, address and contact information, by 15 April 2024 at the latest (Ömer Yılmaz / Rıfat Ilgaz Poetry Contest Coordinator / Cide Municipality Press – Publication Service, Cide / KASTAMONU Tel: 0 505 595 1544) by hand, mail or cargo. Responsibility for postal and cargo delays belongs to the participant.
  • Books participating in the competition will not be returned to their owners.


2024 Rıfat Ilgaz Poetry Competition Awards

  • Prize: 5,000 TL + Plaque

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