2023 Talât Sait Halman Translation Award Winner Regaip Minareci

This year, Regaip Minareci, who translated Jenny Erpenbeck’s novel Kairos. into Turkish, published by Can Yayınları, was awarded the Translation Prize organized by İKSV on behalf of Talât Sait Halman.

The reason for the award was announced by the İKSV Selection Committee as follows:

“Translator Regaip Minareci has produced a competent translation of Kairos. by being completely faithful to the author’s style. Intermittent, disjointed sentences and time jumps have been successfully conveyed, and slang words have been translated into Turkish without any loss of meaning. The extensive footnotes he has added wherever he deems necessary contribute greatly to a better understanding of the text by reaching different layers of the text. We are of the opinion that the striking and experimental structure of the novel has been translated into Turkish very well thanks to the meticulous work of the experienced translator Regaip Minareci.”

The Selection Committee for the Talât Sait Halman Translation Prize, chaired by writer Doğan Hızlan, consists of writer, translator and critic Sevin Okyay; writer and translator Ayşe Sarısayın; writer and translator Yiğit Bener; and writer and translator Kaya Genç.

REGAİP MİNARECİ was born in Istanbul in 1955. After high school and university years in Munich, he started working as a translator at Hürriyet Group in 1977. He held administrative positions as editor, editor-in-chief, editorial director and publication coordinator at Hürriyet Magazine Group, Milliyet Magazine Group, Güneş, Tercüman and Doğan Kitap for many years. He continues to work full-time as a literary translator, which he previously did in addition to journalism.

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