Oğuz Tutal – Systems Die as Well as Ideas

Guest: Oğuz Tutal
Title of The Work: Systems Die as Well as Ideas
Original Title: Düşüncelerin Yanısıra Sistemler de Ölürler
Genre: Prose Writing

In addition to people, animals and ideas, systems also die. Then new ones come along and fill the void left by the previous one. When someone or something kills someone or something, the blame tends to fall on the weakest and easiest to bite. It is easier to blame a politician, a terrorist, a disease, a weapon. However, the truths that are known to everyone, but not spoken by anyone, are kept secret like a secret, and it is hesitated to talk about them in public. One of these truths is that systems are the most deadly, fragile and threatening instruments. Devamını Oku…

Oğuz Tutal – The World’s Race Against Time

Guest: Oğuz Tutal
Title of The Work: The World’s Race Against Time
Original Title: Dünya’nın Zamanla Yarışı
Genre: Prose Writing

Earth! The pale blue dot. The only known place in the universe where we can live. That’s how Carl Sagan described the Earth in 1980. From a distance it doesn’t look like a very interesting place, but it is the little dot that is our home. Every day it spins and spins at a tremendous speed, and as it spins, it has changed and continues to change itself and its inhabitants. Better and faster. For some it is “citius, fortius, altius”. Devamını Oku…