SİYAH E-Journal is Waiting for Your Content Submissions

The volunteer team of Leyli Art Association has completed the preparations for its new project SİYAH (Art, Inspiration, Life, Justice, Rights) E-Journal. The theme of the first issue, which will cover March & April, is “Women and Children“. The publication date of the magazine is a special day: March 8, International Women’s Day.

SİYAH E-Magazine will feature the written and visual content of art lovers in the Free Corner section. Submissions of written and visual content such as essays, stories, poems, poems, cartoons, illustrations, etc. within the theme will be made via the content submission form until March 1, 2024, 23.59.

You can view detailed information about the magazine and content submission rules by clicking here.


About the Project:

Leyli Art Association, which has been operating on the basis of freedom of expression in art since 2018, has prepared the SİYAH E-Journal Project in order to strengthen its work in the field of literature and to present its qualified, diverse and inclusive content to both the civil society and the art world.

SİYAH is an acronym formed by the combination of five important words that will contribute both to the shaping of the content in the e-magazine and to the creation of the context of the e-magazine: Art, Inspiration, Life, Justice, Right.

At the same time, BLACK is a word that overlaps with Leyli Art Association. Leyli means “night, night-specific, boarding, permanent” in Arabic. SİYAH, which complements Leyli, will be a part of the Leyli Art Association and will continue its activities as the publication platform of the association.

The editor-in-chief of the e-magazine is Seda Hatam Oghly, the secretary of the board of directors of the association, and Zeynep Tosun, a member of the board of directors of the association, while Merve Gülmez is responsible for communication and design.

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