Beyhan Eczacıbaşı Youth Literature Female Writer of the Year Award

The application process for the ‘Beyhan Eczacıbaşı Primary Youth Literature Female Writer of the Year Award’, which aims to support the production of female writers in the genre of primary youth literature and contribute to equal opportunities in literature, begins on March 1. Applications will end on April 16.

Applications for the ‘Beyhan Eczacıbaşı Female Writer of the Year Award for Primary Youth Literature’, which was launched by the Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation in order to support female writers who produce works in the field of primary education, begin on March 1.

The award program, which aims to enable more women writers to produce works and to increase the awareness of the genre of youth literature, is open to all women writers regardless of age. Applications can be made for novels, short stories or narratives in the genre of youth literature and will close on April 16.

In the program, whose selection committee includes Prof. Dr. Nüket Esen, Prof. Dr. Sibel Irzık, Müge İplikçi and Asuman Kafaoğlu-Büke, as well as the President Prof. Dr. Jale Parla, the winner will receive a cash prize of 60 thousand TL. The Beyhan Eczacıbaşı Primary Youth Literature Female Writer of the Year award ceremony will be held in September.

The first edition of the work applied for must have been published in 2023 and have an ISBN number. The application for the award can be made by the author or the publishing house with the author’s approval via the website.

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