A Kind of Writing Workshop by Can Kozanoğlu and Mirgün Cabas: İlk Sayfası

How are the books we love fictionalized and written?

Can Kozanoğlu and Mirgün Cabas ask and leading writers of our literature answer. İlk Sayfası is a kind of writing workshop with the narration of its authors.

Can Kozanoğlu and Mirgün Cabas can ask important names of our literature how they write the “first page” of their books!

The pleasant conversations that begin with this question turn into a writing workshop where the authors share their different and valuable writing experiences.

Twenty-five prominent authors generously share their writing styles, habits, obsessions, new projects, thoughts on literature, concerns and hopes for the world and humanity.

The First Page is a resource that will help aspiring writers chart their own course.

The names in the book are: Ahmet Ümit, Hakan Günday, Ayşe Kulin, Buket Uzuner, Saygın Ersin, Murat Menteş, Nermin Yıldırım, Hikmet Hükümenoğlu, Zülfü Livaneli, Yekta Kopan, Alper Canıgüz, Deniz Yüce Başarır and Başar Başar Başarır, Latife Tekin, Behiç Ak, Murat Uyurkulak, Cem Akaş, Celil Oker, Doğu Yücel, Sevin Okyay, Müge İplikçi, Ercan Kesal, Ayfer Tunç, Mine Söğüt, Sezgin Kaymaz and Pınar Kür.

MİRGÜN CABAS graduated from the Communication Faculty of Ankara University. She started her career as a journalist in 1993 at the Ankara Bureau of Milliyet Newspaper and in 1996 she started working in television at ATV. She worked as a correspondent for political parties, prime minister and parliament in the capital. In 1998, he started working at NTV where he prepared and presented many bulletins and programs in different formats and managed the news center of the channel. He continued his program “Mirgün Cabas’la Her Şey” at NTV, Artı 1 TV and CNN Türk. He has worked as a writer for Milliyet newspaper and as an editorial director for GQ Türkiye magazine. He took part in the establishment of digital broadcasting platform GAİN where he broadcast daily news. He continues to publish videos on YouTube and podcasts on streaming platforms.

CAN KOZANOĞLU was born in Adana in 1963 and graduated from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Sociology. He entered the media sector in 1981 and has worked for newspapers, magazines and television channels. His other books are: Bu Maçı Alıcaz! (1990), Cilâlı İmaj Devri (1992), Pop Çağı Ateşi (1995), İnternet, Dolunay, Cemaat (1997), Yeni Şehir Notları (2001), Acemi Eğitimi (2005), Yalan Yıllar (2015), Bıçkın ve Ağlak / Yeni Türkiye’nin Hikâyesi (2018).



Title of The Book: First Page
Author: Can Kozanoğlu – Mirgün Cabas
Publisher: Can Yayınları
Series: Contemporary
Genre: Interview
Pages: 384

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