Turkey’s First Fully Comprehensive Digital Experience Museum

IBB Kültür AŞ Digital Experience Museum, an extraordinary experience space that brings Istanbul, a city full of history, together with the future and offers technology and art at the same time, opened its doors in February 2024.

The Digital Experience Museum, opened by Kültür AŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), in cooperation with Tuce Investment, promises its visitors an experience that pushes the boundaries of art and technology with exhibitions prepared with digital technologies and a multi-disciplinary approach beyond a traditional museum visit. Using a wide range of technologies from virtual reality to augmented reality, from touch screens to interactive applications supported by artificial intelligence, visitors are offered the opportunity to communicate and interact directly with the artworks. Thanks to IBB’s innovative steps and contemporary approaches, the museum takes the universal language of culture and art to a new dimension by combining traditional museology with the infinite possibilities of technology.

Each corner of the museum hosts interactive exhibitions designed to enable visitors to meet different dimensions of art, while at the same time prioritizing local creativity. The interactive designs and software exhibited in the museum were carefully prepared by Turkish software developers and designers as a showcase of domestic creativity and innovation.

Offering 3D and 4D experiences, IBB Culture and Culture Digital Experience Museum promises a new story and adventure with every visit, allowing visitors of all ages and walks of life to discover the magical world of art and technology and unleash their creativity.

Immediately after their extraordinary experience at IBB Kültür AŞ Digital Experience Museum, visitors can take a pleasant cultural break with a cup of coffee at the Istanbul Bookstore and café area located at the exit of the museum.

In this branch of the Istanbul Bookstore, in addition to the rich collection of IBB Publications, leading works of Turkish and world literature, history, politics, art-hobby themed books, a selection of books specially prepared for DDM is offered to reinforce and deepen the museum experience of visitors. From reality to imagination to technological developments that shape the future, this selection will be of interest to readers of all ages, further enriching the museum experience.

You are invited to experience the future today at IBB Culture and Technology Digital Experience Museum, which synthesizes culture and technology.

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