The Color of Victory (Zaferin Rengi) is a Candidate to be Among the Highest Budgeted Productions

With its production, “The Color of Victory” (Zaferin Rengi) is a candidate to be among the highest budget productions in the history of Turkish cinema. The buildings that have witnessed the history of Fenerbahçe were rebuilt in accordance with the original for the film “The Color of Victory”. Images of the old and new versions of Kuşdili Lokali – Pastor’s Meadow and Taksim Stadium built for the film were released.

For the film The Color of Victory, which will be released on 16 February and is a candidate to be among the most ambitious cinema films of the season, as a tribute to the great memory of the past, the places that witnessed the history of Fenerbahçe were reconstructed in accordance with the original for the film shootings.

ANS Production and Evrensel Productions, the producers of the film, who published the photographs of the 3 special places where the main story takes place in the film and witnessed the history of a period and the images of the new places built in accordance with the original; While stating that an artistic and technical team of fifty people worked for five months to find, buy, rent furniture and accessories suitable for the period and for the construction of the space, a team of fifty people worked for five months. He underlines that the Pastor’s Meadow, Topçu Barracks/Taksim Stadium, Kuşdili Lokali/Fenerbahçe Clubhouse and Gülistan Gazinosu were reconstructed from scratch on an area of 20,000 square metres in İzmit Seka Plateau.

The Color of Victory will offer you the chance to watch the film not only with its story, cast and acting, but also with a unique realism the “Kuşdili Lokali – Fenerbahçe Clubhouse” which served as Fenerbahçe’s “Clubhouse” between 1914 and 1932, the Papazın Çayırı, which has hosted thousands of matches for 130 years, where Fenerbahçe Stadium is located today, and finally Taksim Stadium, which has witnessed many unforgettable moments throughout its history, where Fenerbahçe played a match in 1922 to carry The Color of Victory from one side of Istanbul to the other.




Friday 3 May 1918 witnessed the greatest happiness in history. Taking Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s words as an order when he said “I wish Fenerbahçe eternal success” as he left the club, Fenerbahçe fans ran from success to success. The “Kuşdili Lodge”, which served Fenerbahçe as the “Clubhouse” between 1914 and 1932, fell victim to a terrible fire disaster on the evening of 5-6 June 1932… The official opening of the Kuşdili Lodge, which served Fenerbahçe as the clubhouse for 18 years, was held in March 1914 in the presence of a large number of guests. The Fenerbahçe President of the period was the Minister of Public Works, Mehmet Hulusi Bey. Among those present on that day were state officials as well as famous figures of the period such as Hamit Hüsnü Kayacan, Salah Cimcoz and Ahmet Rasim.


Papazın Çayırı, later known as Union Club, İttihat Sports Square and finally the area where Fenerbahçe Stadium is located today.


The calendars show August 1922… Fenerbahçe takes to Taksim Stadium to carry The Colors of Victory from one side of Istanbul to the other. The winning streak that started on 13 August 1922 would extend to 29 June 1923 and the Harington Cup… The National Team played the first national match in its history at Taksim Stadium on 26 October 1923 against Romania.



*In 1921, the first official boxing competitions were held in the ring set up in the courtyard of Taksim Stadium.

*In 1921, the first tug-of-war competitions were held between teams of eight people.

*In 1925, the athletics track at Taksim Stadium was the scene of Turkey’s first cycling track races.



The Color of Victory, directed by Abdullah Oğuz, will bring to the big screen the breathtaking story of unique friendships, a unique love and a sports competition that has left its mark on history; a unique resistance started in Anatolia by organising against the enemy forces in occupied Istanbul in the period of 1918-1923, around the legend of the General Harington Cup, which is considered one of the greatest sports achievements in the history of the Republic.

In addition to Kubilay Aka, one of the talented actors of the new generation, who will portray the main hero of the film, Fenerbahçe’s founding member and legendary captain Galip Bey, and Gülper Özdemir in the role of Peyker; Nejat İşler (Sabri Toprak), Timuçin Esen (Topkapılı Cambaz), Yiğit Özşener (Mustafa Kemal Pasha), Gonca Vuslateri (Vera) and Birce Akalay (Halide Edib Adıvar), who are strong actors of screens and cinema, bring to life the symbolic politicians, intellectuals, military figures and heroic athletes of Turkish football history.

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