“İskelet İsmet – Kuyruksuz Kedilerin Esrarı” Was Published

A children’s book by humour writer Ahmet Zeki Yeşil! “İskelet İsmet – Kuyruksuz Kedilerin Esrarı” has taken its place on book sales sites and shelves. Prepared for publication by Mühür Kitaplığı Yayınları, where Mustafa Fırat is the editor-in-chief, İskelet İsmet has excitement, adventure and fun all in one. İskelet İsmet, who held his first meeting with his readers at TÜYAP Istanbul Book Fair, met with the intense interest of children.

Yeşil said about his new book, “Since my humour books are mostly read by children, there were some people who thought that I was a children’s book writer. For this reason, I would like to state that İskelet İsmet is my first children’s book. This book came out when I frequently encountered children’s question ‘Do you have an adventure book?” at book fairs.

The back cover of the book, whose cover image belongs to Canan Barış, is as follows:

“İskelet İsmet, the weakest boy in the neighbourhood, is extremely active despite his frail appearance. He runs fast and jumps like a grasshopper. One day, he embarks on a breathtaking adventure with his three friends. Who is cutting the tails of the cats in his neighbourhood and why? Can he find the villains who do this? The answers to these questions are in the book.”

Ahmet Zeki Yeşil has five humour books as well as a book of poetry. İskelet İsmet is available from selected bookstores and online book sites.


“İskelet İsmet – Kuyruksuz Kedilerin Esrarı”
Publisher: Mühür Kitaplığı Yayınları
Genre: Short Novel
Print Year: October 2023
Page: 87

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