İletişim Yayınları December 2023 Publication Program

İletişim Yayınları announced that the books will be published in December 2023.

Biz De Yarın Güleriz
Özgür Çırak

Özgür Çırak’s Biz De Yarın Güleriz will be published by İletişim Yayınları. Creating a unique atmosphere in Biz De Yarın Güleriz, Çırak tells stories that sometimes make the reader laugh and sometimes make the reader wonder, while immersing the reader in gripping events.

In Biz De Yarın Güleriz, Özgür Çırak tells the stories of people who are aware of themselves, of their own time, and who believe that time will surely come one day, if not now. But this is not an arrogant consciousness that burns with the fire of “I am the most special” or a rootless optimism. It is an awareness that embraces the transience of the dust and smoke around us and the permanence of moments and emotions. Human states that sometimes manifest themselves in the unsettling gap of a curtain, sometimes in the uneasiness when the strings between two relationships reach the point of breaking, sometimes in a passionate bond with an object…

Mehmet Anıl

Mehmet Anıl’s novel Curcunabazlar is published by İletişim Yayınları. In fairy-tale language, Anıl tells the story of Mustafa and Ömer, twin brothers who are not sure which one is the eldest, and their difficult struggle after the death of their father.

In Curcunabazlar, Mehmet Anıl tells the story of two brothers, Mustafa and Ömer, who are locked in a bitter struggle over who will take over the company when their father, İshak, is no longer able to work. At first glance, there seems to be no need for a fight, everything is clear. After all, their father had written down his wish that his eldest son should take over the company after him. But there is a problem: the brothers are twins, and there is no certainty about which one is the eldest! Inspired by the sibling conflict between the descendants of Abraham, Mehmet Anıl creates a modern fairy tale that doesn’t neglect the fun.

Vişne Bahçesi OYUNLAR • CİLT 2 (VOLUME 2)
Anton Pavloviç Çehov
Mehmet Özgül (Translator)

Vişne Bahçesi, a collection of three unforgettable works by Anton Chekhov, is published by İletişim Yayınları. Vanya Dayı, Üç Kız Kardeş and Vişne Bahçesi are among the classics of world literature, in which comedy and tragedy are skillfully combined…

Vişne Bahçesi is a collection of three unforgettable plays by Anton Chekhov, whose influence on theater history is equal to that of Shakespeare.

In Vişne Bahçesi, Vanya Dayı and Üç Kız Kardeş, Chekhov presents powerful stories that capture the pulse of a society caught between the collapse of the aristocracy after the abolition of serfdom and the social changes that herald the transition to capitalism, bringing a new perspective to theatrical form. The play opens a new era in the history of modern theater, combining the possibilities of comedy, tragedy and farce with a creative style different from the traditional dramatic narrative that astonished theater audiences and critics of the time. One of the theatrical classics of the 20th century, translated into dozens of languages and deeply influencing countless theater directors and playwrights, Vişne Bahçesi is an artistic feast for literature and theater lovers.

Cumhuriyet’in Doğuşundan AKP’ye Türkiye’de Din Siyaseti
Ceren Lord
Sami Oğuz (Translator)

Ceren Lord’s book, Cumhuriyet’in Doğuşundan AKP’ye Türkiye’de Din Siyaseti, is published by İletişim Yayınları. Lord comprehensively examines how the policy of “Islamization” has been used as a state tradition not only after the 2002 elections, but also since the foundation of Turkey…

In this book, Ceren Lord explains how Islam has been used to create a nation-state since the founding of Turkey and how Islamic mobilization has been strengthened by the state and through state apparatuses. Contrary to the popular belief that the AKP, which came to power after the 2002 elections, has begun to “Islamize” Turkey, he shows that this is not a new phenomenon but an established state tradition. Cumhuriyet’in Doğuşundan AKP’ye Türkiye’de Din Siyaseti does not neglect the Diyanet. From the reasons for its creation to its current power, from the privileges granted to Sunnis to the exclusion of other religions and sects, the Diyanet is examined from a multifaceted perspective. Lord demonstrates that a deeper study and understanding of the politics of religion in Turkey is possible without confining it to the dichotomy and conflict between secularism and Islamism.

İkinci Dünya Savaşı’nda Türkiye’nin Dış Politikası
Selim Deringil

Denge Oyunu – İkinci Dünya Savaşında Türkiye’nin Dış Politikası, written by Selim Deringil, is published by İletişim Yayınları. Denge Oyunu tells the story of Turkey’s foreign policy during World War II through the analysis of historical documents.

At a time when the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact was signed, France collapsed within weeks, and the Axis powers were advancing rapidly, Turkey, which had recently gained its independence, made great efforts to avoid entering the Second World War. Denge Oyunu provides a detailed account of Turkey’s foreign policy during this period of economic and military weakness. Through a detailed analysis of diplomatic sources, memoirs, documents, and the press, it shows how foreign policy makers pursued a determined “active neutrality” by emphasizing realism, how they negotiated with Allied and Axis diplomats, what arguments they used, and what they paid attention to regarding what happened during the war and what would happen after the war.

Anne Babamızı Tanımak İçin Sohbet Kılavuzu
René Diekstra
Gül Özlen (Translator)

René Diekstra’s Ebeveynle Söyleşi: Anne Babamızı Tanımak İçin Sohbet Kılavuzu is published by İletişim Yayınları. Ebeveynle Söyleşi is a useful guide that offers tips for understanding our parents beyond their parental roles and getting to know them as individuals.

Although children are not aware of it, they tend to evaluate their parents with ready-made assumptions and judgments. They see them as the bearers of the task of raising children within the framework of their parental role, and this attitude often persists as they grow up and become adults. However, our parents are independent individuals with their own life stories beyond their relationship with us. And they have more influence on our personality and the course of our lives than we realize…

How much do you know about your parents? What do you know about their childhood, their school life, their youthful dreams, ideals and aspirations? What do they have in common with your life, and what are their differences? Why is it important to know these things? Can knowing your parents really help you understand yourself or your relationship with them? What is the cost of having your parents as “close strangers” in your life? How can you take steps to get to know them? What does this experience change in your life and in the lives of your parents, and in what areas does it have an impact?

Psychologist René Diekstra has written Ebeveynle Söyleşi: Anne Babamızı Tanımak İçin Sohbet Kılavuzu is inspired by the life-cycle approach to getting to know our parents in depth. Based on observation and experience, the author offers a guide to getting to know your parents, as well as practical tips for this exciting encounter. A valuable resource for adult children who want to get to know their parents, grow closer, and maintain a meaningful relationship…

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