Yağmur Mavi Şen – Hope Tires

Guest: Yağmur Mavi Şen
Title of The Work: Hope Tires
Original Title: Umut Yorar
Genre: Story

She was thinking that another day would end when the sky was decorated with seagulls, painted in the color of sunset, and the street musician played his violin. She asked the waiter for another cup of tea as she placed her red-bound notebook on the table in her bag. The music that the café had turned on to drown out the hum of people added to the chaos. As she lit her cigarette, the waiter put the warm tea on the table. Although he drank the tea without sugar, he tapped his teaspoon on the edge of the cup. With the tinkling sound it made, he rebelled against the silence on the table and became a part of the hum. Devamını Oku…