Rojda Alak – Elephant Laughter

Guest: Rojda Alak
Title of The Work: Elephant Laughter
Original Title: Fil Kahkahası
Genre: Story

“I wonder if he’s hurt.”

“There’s only one way to find out. Go and ask.”

“No, it doesn’t really matter. Never mind.”

Behind every sentence that begins with “in fact” there is a truth, Esma had realized this two years ago. Immediately after they made love, Ahmet was engrossed in the elephant patterns on the picnic and said “actually”. “You’re exactly the woman I’ve been looking for,” he continued, slowly shifting his gaze from where he was to Esma. It was at that moment that Esma’s mind was enlightened like a keyhole in the suffocation of the repetitions of “Why, why, why”. She searched for the key moment of the past four years with Ahmet in their last conversation through elephant patterns. Devamını Oku…