Melek Şen – Post: Recipient Empty (1st Letter)

Guest: Melek Şen
Title of The Work: Post: Recipient Empty (1st Letter)
Original Title: Posta: Alıcı Boş (1’inci Mektup)
Genre: Letter Novel

I was trying to open my eyes and wake up in a state of restlessness again. When I came to myself a little, the first thing that caught my eye was the faded, yellowed cupboard in the corner. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of my own fading. That’s probably why I can neither move it nor throw it away. A thin light filters through the window, I get up softly. I open the curtain and look at the street. It’s a bright, warm, heartwarming air. I stay like this for a long time. I am awakened by the sounds coming from the street: the shutters of Sami the kiosk owner, the honking of a few cars.

I went back to my bed, lit a cigarette I had hidden somewhere, took a deep drag…




In the midst of my thoughts, my self-created captivity reminds itself again. Being a prisoner of one’s soul is like being buried under the ground. Have you ever been a prisoner of your soul? Even if you don’t feel it with deep pains like me, there are certainly situations where everyone is in captivity. Isn’t captivity the basic nature of human beings? Slavery in ancient times, modern day slavery. Of course, there are some, the lucky few who can stand up against this system and say my self-respect and my wishes first. Anyway, anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Me, who has no importance in the world. Forget the world, even in my own environment, I have no importance or value. How many times I say ‘me’, I used to be crazy about people who say ‘me – me – me’. My grandmother had a saying, it just came to my mind. ‘Don’t condemn anyone, you will become condemnable.’ What irony. I hear voices coming from the corridor. If no one came near me, if I didn’t see them, if I didn’t hear them. Of course, nothing like this has happened so far, this is a wish, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, I have to finish now, they are coming. Wait for my second letter. Maybe you will get me out of this captivity.

See y…