2nd Kaş Theater Days Starts

The second Kaş Theatre Days, organized by the Kaş Environment and Culture Association in Kaş, Antalya, will take place between 20-24 October 2023. This event is organized with the support of Culture Civic and in collaboration with the açıkALAN project. Participants will be able to attend the events free of charge, and all costs of the organization are covered by businesses, hotels and restaurants in Kaş. The theater performances will be staged in four different venues with seven different performances…

Plays such as Nora 2, Everyone Looks Like My Husband, Servants in Quotes, and Under the Castle will take place at Kaş Theater Days. There will also be special performances for the venue. As part of Şule Ateş’s açıkALAN Public and Participatory Performance Project, there will also be a parkour performance that she will design with Kaş artists.

Presentation/lecture performances, seminars and panels will also be organized within the scope of the event. açıkALAN Project will also organize a workshop focused on the struggle for nature in Kaş this year. The last workshop of this project will be organized in Kaş, following the workshops in Bergama in Izmir and Hemşin in Rize.

Kaş Theater Days Program:

Friday, October 20
16.00 – Video Screening and Conversation / Echo Bar – AçıkALAN Bergama – “Their Story”
17.00 – Video Screening and Conversation / Echo Bar – AçıkALAN Hemşin – “What does Bublik Bublik Want?”
20.00 – Play / Kaş Antifellos Ancient Theater / Under the Castle – Physical Theater Research

Saturday, October 21
14.00 – Seminar / Echo Bar / On the Trail of a Livable World: Theater and Performance Ecologies – Eylem Ejder
17.00 – Parkur Performance / Çukurbağ Village / AçıkALAN_Kaş: Site Specific Performance – Şule Ateş
20.00 – Play / Kaş Antifellos Ancient Theater / Nora 2 – Bahçe Galata

Sunday, October 22
15.00 – Seminar / Echo Bar / Ecopoesis and Expressive Art – Aslınur Sarıca
17.00 – Panel / Echo Bar / Creating a Cultural Ecosystem Beyond the Center Moderator: Nevra Aslantürk Speakers: Ahmet Murat Akoy, Alper Akça, Umut Aslan, Tuğba Yazıcı
20.00 – Play / Kaş Antifellos Antique Theater / Everyone Looks Like My Husband – Kadıköy Emek Theater

Monday, October 23
16.00 – Presentation Performance / Echo Bar / do,laş,mak – Eylem Ejder
20.00 – Play / Kaş Antifellos Antique Theater / Servants in Quotes – Theater Hemhal

Tuesday, October 24
20.00 – Mekân Theater / Oburus Moburus / Twelfth House – Melek Ceylan