Stefan Zweig’s Breathtaking Novel; “Korku”, Published by Can Publishing

Korku (Fear) is a breathtaking text about the betrayal of Irene Wagner, a thirty-year-old, married mother of two, who, following the requirements of bourgeois morality in a cursory manner, begins to cheat on her husband with a young pianist.

Thirty-year-old Irene Wagner, a married thirty-year-old mother of two, who follows the requirements of bourgeois morality with a cursory observance, becomes fed up with the monotony of her eight-year marriage and begins to cheat on her husband with a young pianist, but her fear of being caught is as great as her desire for the forbidden. This fear consumes her whenever she leaves her lover’s house. One day, when she is discovered and blackmailed by a woman, and her husband begins to suspect the same, the conflict between individual passion and social norms, overwhelmed by fear and guilt, plunges her into a tormenting nightmare and her life is completely derailed. Adapted for the big screen by many directors, most notably Roberto Rossellini, Fear is a breathtaking long story in which Stefan Zweig, as always, skillfully probes the depths of the human soul.

STEFAN ZWEIG was born in Vienna in 1881 and studied in Austria, France and Germany. He attracted attention with his anti-war personality. He lived in Salzburg between 1919 and 1934, but had to leave Salzburg due to the pressure of the Nazis. In 1938 he went to England, in 1939 to New York, and a few months later he settled in Brazil. He first became known for his translations of Verlaine, Baudelaire and Verhaeren, and published his first poems in 1901. In addition to numerous essays, short stories and long stories, he is also famous for his life stories, which he wrote with great skill. His intense interest in psychology and Freud’s teaching finds expression in Zweig’s profound character studies. Especially his commentaries and biographies on historical characters are rich in psychological analysis. Unable to bear the political situation in Europe, Zweig committed suicide with his wife in Brazil in 1942.

ARİF GELEN was born in Bulgaria in 1926. He graduated from Hasanoğlan High Village Institute. He translated the works of Goethe, Franz Kafka, Stefan Zweig, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Bertolt Brecht, Theodor Storm, Ludwig Tieck and Johannes Glasneck into German. He died in 2011.



Book Title: Korku (Fear)
Author: Stefan Zweig
Translator: Arif Gelen
Publisher: Can Yayınları (Can Publishing)
Array: Modern
Genre: Novel
Number of Pages: 80

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