Rafet Utku’s “Mana” Exhibition is Wwaiting for its Visitors Until March 30th!

Architect-painter Rafet Utku’s text art exhibition “Mana”, in which he mimics popular culture and the paradox of the world with sentences that will make you say “this is exactly it!”, will be at Maximum Uniq Hall between January 30 – March 30, 2024.

Maximum Uniq, one of the leading culture, art and entertainment venues of Istanbul, hosts the first exhibition of the 2024 Season in the Maximum Uniq Hall foyer area, where it hosts stage performances: Rafet Utku’s ‘Mana’ opened on January 30th.

Architect Painter Rafet Utku for the Mana exhibition; “These works that emerged in search of Mana have neither beginning nor end. Just like this paradox, there is always a state of paradox in my mind between what is happening. I stand somewhere between not being able to accept things as they are and looking at the glass from the crazy side. My mind does not stop. There are such moments that meaninglessness can turn into a meaning in the whole or vice versa…

Rafet Utku’s textual works, which you will say “This is exactly what it is!” when you read them, mimicking the paradoxes of popular culture, are a special selection of the movement positioned as Text Art.

MANA, in which the artist underlines some things and overdraws others, where writing merges with drawing, says to you with its expressionist attitude; What if you find a MANA in this exhibition?

Opened on January 30, the exhibition can be visited by art lovers until March 30, every day between 13:00 – 18:30.


After graduating from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Architecture, Rafet Utku worked with Nevzat Sayın as an architect for a while and participated in many idea competitions and workshops. Utku, who has won many awards, has been working as a research assistant at Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Architecture since 2014 and also produces his own art.

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