Can Publications, Publication Program for March 2024

Can Publishing published the publication program for March 2024. Can Publishing and its sub-publishing houses will bring 14 books to readers in March.

Can Publications

  • Nobel Prize-winning Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez‘s new novel, Ağustos’ta Görüşürüz (See You in August), will be published at the same time as the rest of the world, 10 years after his death. Consisting of five independent but connected stories, the book tells the story of the main character, Ana Magdalena Bach, and the relationships she experiences on the island where she goes to visit her mother’s grave.
  • Genç Adam (Young Man) tells the story of Annie Ernaux‘s passionate love affair in the late 1990s, in her fifties, with A., a university student about 30 years her junior, which develops in a short period of time with no future prospects.
  • In Sıradan Şeylere Övgüler (In Praise of Ordinary Things), Pablo Neruda reminds the reader again and again of the miracle of ordinary things and their importance and place in the world, whether it is a table, an artichoke, the air, a dog or a hummingbird.
  • In Mephisto, which won an award at the Cannes Film Festival, Thomas Mann’s son Klaus Mann tells the story of Hendrik Höfgen, a successful theater actor who plays the role of Mephisto on stage, while in real life he is an artist who chooses the character of Faust and the tragic adventure of the period.
  • Renkler Üzerine Düşünceler (Thoughts on Colors) is one of the few texts in which Ludwig Wittgenstein focuses on a single philosophical topic, believing that philosophical problems related to colors can only be solved by paying attention to the relevant language games.
  • Murat Uyurkulak‘s book Bazuka (Bazooka), which was first published in 2011 and tells real-life human stories, is published by Can Publishing.
  • Umutsuz Karakterler (Hopeless Characters) takes place in New York in the late sixties. Otto and Sophie Bentwood live in a transformed neighborhood in Brooklyn. Married for 15 years, they are a childless couple. One evening, Sophie is bitten by a stray cat she feeds, which seems to be the beginning of the bad luck that will befall them.
  • Televizyona Dair (On Television), from early broadcasting to the reality shows of recent years, from Corrado to Big Brother, from Mike Bongiorno to Derrick, Eco’s view of the media and his criticisms of various media populisms and television strategies.


  • Edouard Louis, known in Turkey for his novels Babamı Kim Öldürdü (Who Killed My Father), Eddy’nin Sonu (Eddy’s End) and Şiddetin Tarihi (A History of Violence), discusses art, cinema, literature and their role in our times with director Ken Loach in Sanat ve Siyaset Konuşmaları (Art and Politics Talks).


  • Nöropazarlamayla Duygulara Fısılda (Neuromarketing and Emotion Whispering) is a “what is neuromarketing and how does it work?” book that Eda Ocak, co-founder of ThinkNeuro, one of the first and largest neuromarketing companies in Turkey and one of the largest in the world, explains in a highly entertaining way.
  • Seks Yapma Hakkı (The Right to Sex)is a collection of feminist essays by Amia Srinivasan, who does not shy away from discussing gender issues and politics based on questions such as “how should we think and talk about sex?”.
  • Girişimciliğin Ustaları (Masters of Entrepreneurship) is about what the iconic leaders we know from Silicon Valley and Masters of Scales can teach us. The book shares the untold and intriguing stories of the leaders of some of the world’s most iconic companies, including Apple, Nike, Netflix, Spotify, Starbucks, Google, Instagram and Microsoft.

Mundi Child

  • The latest book in Oxford’s globally acclaimed Küçük İnsanlar İçin Büyük Sözler (Big Words for Little People) series, this time focusing on love. Küçük İnsanlar İçin Büyük Sözler: Sevgi (Big Words for Little People: Love).
  • Oliver Twist and Pollyanna, which are among the children’s classics, meet the readers in March with Mundi Child (Çocuk) label.


5 March Gabriel García Márquez / Ağustos’ta Görüşürüz (trans. Emrah İmre) Novel Çağdaş DE
5 March Helen Mortimer / Küçük İnsanlar İçin Büyük Sözler: Sevgi (trans. Esra Kökkılıç) Story Mundi Child
5 March Charles Dickens / Oliver Twist (trans. Zeynep Tür) Novel Mundi Child
5 March Eleanor H. Porter / Pollyanna (trans. Zeynep Tür) Novel Mundi Child
12 March Annie Ernaux / Genç Adam (trans. Siren İdemen) Narrative Çağdaş DE
12 March Pablo Neruda / Sıradan Şeylere Övgüler (trans. Adnan Özer) Poetry Modern DE
12 March Klaus Mann / Mephisto alt başlık: Bir Kariyerin Romanı (trans. Anıl Alacaoğlu) Novel Modern DE
12 March Ludwig Wittgenstein / Renkler Üzerine Düşünceler (trans. Berkan Üze) Philosophy Can Düşünce
12 March Eda Ocak / Nöropazarlamayla Duygulara Fısılda Business World Mundi
19 March Murat Uyurkulak / Bazuka Story Çağdaş TE
19 March Paula Fox / Umutsuz Karakterler (trans. Begüm Kovulmaz) Novel Modern DE
19 March Amia Srinivasan / Seks Yapma Hakkı (trans. Damla Göl) Sociology Mundi
19 March Ken Loach & Edouard Louis / Sanat ve Siyaset Konuşmaları (trans. Ayberk Erkay) Politics-Art Criticism Tellekt
26 March Reid Hoffman, June Cohen, Deron Triff / Girişimciliğin Ustaları
alt başlık: Dünyanın En Başarılı İsimlerinden Girişim Ölçeklendirme Dersleri (trans. Setenay Karaçay)
Business World Mundi
26 March Umberto Eco / Televizyona Dair (trans. Betül Parlak) Trial Modern DE

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